Responsibility and quality according to standard and beyond

At FÖRCH, the highest standards apply both to us and within our supply chains.

You can find an overview of our commitment in our supplier self-disclosure.

We think and act beyond the norm and value responsibility that extends beyond our own corporate organisation. Therefore, it is a matter of course for us to let our stakeholders participate and actively involve them.
For this reason, we publish a sustainability report and report on our corporate activities in the areas of economy, social affairs and ecology.
For us, responsibility goes beyond our own entrepreneurial actions. Therefore, we pursue various measures to ensure fundamental rights along all our supply chains.

Furthermore, we are certified by TÜV Nord according to the respective DIN EN ISO standards. As a group of companies, we are thus committed to regular inspections and optimisations in all areas relevant to certification.

Certified quality - the norm for us

FÖRCH quality is characterised by products that are optimally adapted to your requirements and convince through function and efficiency in equal measure. FÖRCH quality also means: 98.5 % delivery rate / service level. Our reliable logistics partners ensure that orders are delivered within 24 to 48 hours. To ensure that you receive your goods quickly and reliably, all work processes - be it at the incoming goods department, in the high-bay warehouse or in the automated logistics centre - have been coordinated and optimised down to the smallest detail. Customer orientation in quality management is the norm at FÖRCH, which is why we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. The focus of our quality policy is the satisfaction of our customers. Our primary goal is to supply you with products and services that fully meet your requirements and expectations.

In order to achieve this goal, the following guiding principles for quality apply at FÖRCH:

  • The high quality of our products, services and solutions is our primary corporate goal.
  • The benchmark for our product and service quality is determined by our customers.
  • Punctuality and the properly packed condition of the deliveries are our benchmark. Agreed deadlines must be adhered to.
  • Careful and thorough processing of enquiries, quotations, orders, samples and complaints according to the "zero defect principle".
  • Awareness of all employees with regard to their responsibility to realise our quality objectives and the obligation to report quality deviations to their superiors if they are not able to remedy them within the scope of employee authority.
  • Reducing costs and increasing productivity by maintaining a consistently high level of quality, which can only be achieved if all work is carried out correctly from the outset.
  • Prioritise error prevention over error correction by eliminating the cause of the error.
  • In-depth assessment of our suppliers, as the quality of our products mainly depends on our suppliers.
  • Respecting the ongoing demands and expectations of our clients.
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Certified environmental management

Safe compliance with legal requirements and our own environmental standards is the basis of our environmental management system. A regular review of this environmental policy with corresponding adaptation to newer developments has the goal of continuously improving environmental protection. The environmental policy also applies to our international affiliated companies. We regularly include them in the Verbund certification of our quality & environmental management system. The following aspects are part of our environmental management system:

  • Promoting environmental awareness motivation
  • Control of the environmental management system
  • Company processes and products
  • Contractors and suppliers
  • Fire and hazard prevention
  • Information for customers
  • New products and processes
  • Information to the public
  • Commitment of the leadership

With the evaluation of results, internal audits as well as periodic reporting on operational environmental protection, the suitability, appropriateness and effectiveness of the environmental management system is regularly reviewed by our management.

CO2-neutral shipping of goods

In cooperation with our logistics partner DPD, we are focusing on climate-neutral parcel shipping with "Total Zero". The focus is on transporting goods with significantly reduced CO2 emissions. The transport of parcels causes a high proportion of CO2 emissions, which have a negative impact on the global climate and continue to drive the greenhouse effect. In order to stop this development, we are committed to sustainable goods dispatch and thus assume corporate responsibility for employees, the environment and society. As part of the "Total Zero" initiative, parcels shipped by FÖRCH with DPD are transported in a CO2-neutral manner. This environmentally friendly commitment is not associated with any surcharge for FÖRCH customers and continues to guarantee the highest quality standards.

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Certified energy management

At FÖRCH, reducing energy consumption is an important part of the corporate policy. As a company, we are aware that our activities influence the energy balance. It is therefore our duty to reduce energy consumption to a minimum within the framework of economic and technical possibilities by means of well thought-out processes.
Responsibility in dealing with energy and resources requires identifying and evaluating our significant energy aspects, as well as meeting the defined energy targets and checking them against measurable characteristics.
Out of a shared responsibility towards people and the environment, FÖRCH has set itself the goal of harmonising a profitable service by improving energy performance and avoiding energy waste. As far as this is technically and organisationally possible, as well as economically viable.
In doing so, it is a matter of course for FÖRCH to comply with legal and official regulations, other energy-related interests, as well as the energy consumption requirements we set ourselves, and to exceed them where possible.

Every contribution counts

Every employee is integrated into our management system and has the right and duty to work towards eliminating circumstances that cause unnecessary consumption of energy. Through information and training, we promote energy-conscious behaviour among our employees both inside and outside the company. For us, the continuous improvement of energy performance is also a prerequisite for an effective reduction of costs in the medium and long term and an important contribution to the reduction of energy consumption.
A trouble-free organisation, advanced management methods and the state of the art in gentle technology provide the necessary framework for this. Managers are obliged to apply the management practices in force in their area of responsibility, to constantly monitor their effectiveness and to adapt them to the latest knowledge and requirements.

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Sustainability at FÖRCH

Since the company was founded in 1963, FÖRCH has been pursuing the preservation of our environment with foresight. Therefore, we have decided to concretise our actions and have created a foundation for today and tomorrow, which we summarise under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR for short). For a common future, it is indispensable to create a uniform understanding of CSR. Consequently, FÖRCH summarises its activities in three dimensions: Economic, Social and Ecological.

"The future of all of us, as well as that of our future generations, is not an accident, but the result of the choices we make in the now."
Andreas Pescht, Group Managing Director Theo Förch GmbH & Co. KG
Sustainability Report

In all three dimensions, our scope of application extends beyond our own organisation. FÖRCH attaches great importance to including the interests of our stakeholders and the well-being of our environment. Consequently, our supply chain responsibility and compliance are further links in our global activities. For more information, see Supply Chain Responsibility and Compliance. We have taken the decision to publish a sustainability report in order to report transparently on our key figures, goals and achievements.

In our first report for the financial years 2021 / 2022, you will receive a comprehensive overview of our CSR activities:

We take responsibility for our supply chains

People all over the world are involved in the production of the products we sell. It is a matter of course for us that internationally valid standards, such as the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) or the UN Global Compact, must be observed. We have set out the principles that apply to us in our Declaration of Principles on Respect for Human Rights. We also oblige our suppliers to comply with our Code of Conduct for Business Partners.


Our approach

We take a number of measures to ensure that human rights are enforced along our supply chains. To this end, we regularly monitor our suppliers for potential environmental, economic and social risks on the basis of various internationally recognised indices (e.g. BSCI Countries Risk Classification).

  • We resolutely follow up on identified risks. For this reason, we are in constant dialogue with our suppliers and, in cooperation with an external service provider, regularly audit the production sites with regard to compliance with human rights on site. In the event of violations, we react immediately with appropriate measures.
  • In order to create a sustainable awareness for all employees who interact with our suppliers, regular training sessions are held on the Topic_BCK of "Human Rights in the Supply Chain".
  • Furthermore, we offer all whistleblowers the opportunity to contact us anonymously and in confidence. We have set up a whistleblower system specifically for this purpose. You can find more information on this at