Technical support

Do you have a technical question about a product or an application? Our experts will be happy to help you. After all, they regularly test our products to the utmost and are always up-to-date with regard to current requirements. For complex applications or a large project, your sales consultant will be happy to visit you on site with an expert from our technical support team.

Catalogues and brochures

Browse through the FÖRCH general catalogue or our industry, product and service brochures. In our virtual catalogues, you can place your desired articles directly in the shopping basket by clicking on the article number and thus order them very conveniently.

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Documents and downloads

Technical documents and downloads of our data sheets as well as performance or EU declarations of conformity can be found by searching directly on the respective product. A collection of documents, e.g. on handling hazardous substances or skin and eye protection plans, is available here for you to download.

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Application videos

You can find numerous videos on the application of FÖRCH products easily by searching for the respective product in our online shop. Soon you will find an overview of all application videos here.

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Promoted products of BG Bau

The Berufsgenossenschaft Bau (BG Bau) is the statutory accident insurance for the construction industry and construction-related services in Germany. It promotes occupational health and safety in companies and at the workplace through the use of selected occupational health and safety premiums. Investments in selected or accident-preventing products or health-preserving measures are rewarded with premiums of up to € 3,000. FÖRCH has numerous of these eligible products in its programme.

Best protection for every engine

Safe through every season. Protection against frost is only one of many valuable properties that a radiator antifreeze must master nowadays. Modern additives also protect against corrosion, calcification and the formation of vapour bubbles all year round. They also have a lubricating and heat-dissipating effect. Our quality products are characterised by tested safety and the fulfilment of all requirements and standards of your specialist trade.