Flexible services to manage your C-parts

Small parts, DIN and standard parts, workshop chemicals, consumables and drills as well as abrasives and tools usually have a low merchandise value. However, these cause considerable processing costs - especially with frequent ordering processes. The right balance between value of goods and procurement costs is crucial for successful C-parts management, so that unused savings potential can be realised.

Depending on your wishes, our flexible services range from advice and support to the complete takeover of your preferred procurement process. Combined with the variable order and storage system FÖRCH VARO, you can fully concentrate on your core business in the future.

Especially for the automotive workshop business, we offer an electronic C-parts management with recalculation function in cooperation with the leading dealer management system providers Loco-Soft and AM Solutions.

The analogue oncharge model is a simple variant and helps you to generate additional income from your workshop operations.

The procurement and management of C-parts is an elaborate and time-consuming task for which there is no time in the daily workshop or construction site routine. We are happy to support you with our flexible services, which, depending on your wishes, range from advice and support to complete takeover of the preferred procurement process.

The ideal supplement for an optimal handling of your C-parts is the variable arrangement system FÖRCH VARO - especially the VARO shelf system. This way you can fully concentrate on your core business in the future.

Your advantages
  • Flexible, individual services selectable
  • If desired, demand planning and assumption of the disposition of your C-parts
  • Ideally combined with the VARO shelving system
  • More effectiveness and minimisation of process costs
  • Visualised planning of the shelving system according to your requirements
  • Coordinated modules for product groups and packaging
  • Easily expandable
  • Professional and space-saving construction
  • Clear labelling also with EAN barcodes
  • Fixed reordering with VAROscan directly at the shelf
  • No financing costs due to favourable rent

C-parts are consumed on the production line in your daily workshop routine, but hardly ever charged to the customer. Often, the administration, inventory management and creation of the small parts in the system are the problem.

Der Ablauf des elektronischen C-Teile Managements gliedert sich in 3 einfache Schritte:

  1. Download the article master from the FÖRCH online shop
  2. Import the file into the Loco-Soft or AM Solution dealer management system.
  3. Further calculation, stock management and analysis of your C-parts

Have you not yet used a dealer management system from Loco-Soft or AM Solution? No problem. We offer an attractive refinancing solution in connection with the purchase of FÖRCH C parts.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Convenient and easy import of the FÖRCH article master data – manual entry is no longer necessary
  • Increase in revenue by simply depositing automated recalculation surcharges
  • Transparent allocation and further billing of FÖRCH items per workshop order
  • Simple inventory management of FÖRCH items in the dealer management system
  • GMO compliance through further calculation at item level
  • Use of all functions of the dealer management system with FÖRCH articles
  • Reading of the FÖRCH online shop order confirmation in Loco-Soft possible
  • Electronic parts catalog via OCI possible at AM Solutions
To the loco-soft website
To the AM Solution website

The large number of different small parts in car workshops makes the process of onward invoicing very time-consuming and thus also causes enormous costs. On the other hand, an enormous potential for increasing turnover and profit remains unused. This is exactly where our Electronic C-Parts Management comes in.

Our recalculation model arranges your purchased small parts into up to nine price groups. The purchase amount and the quantity result in an average purchase value per item. All small parts used can thus be included as sales value in your sales order and customer invoice with an individually definable mark-up factor - simple and transparent for all parties involved.

Simply contact us or your sales consultant directly. He or she will be happy to provide you with the necessary documents and information.